Lead & Copper Consumer Notices

TCEQ requires that we do many tests on our drinking water, one of which is testing for lead and copper.

This year, we will be testing for lead and copper in our water system twice.
The first was completed in June, the second was done in December.
The test results were well under the action level.
As required, we are sharing the results with you.

2020 Results

December 2020 Testing:
Buildings tested:

Apt 2B / Apt 3A /Apt 4B / Apt 5AApt 6C / Apt 7A Apt 8B/ Apt 9A /  Apt 10A  / Apt 11A


June 2020 Testing:
Buildings tested:

Apt 2A / Apt 3A / Apt 3C /Apt 4B / Apt 5B / Apt 6C / Apt 7A / Apt 8B / Apt 10B / Apt 11A


2019 Results

No testing required


2018 Results

Buildings tested:

Apt 2B / Apt 3A / Apt 5A / Apt 6C / Apt 8B


More Information about lead in drinking water from the EPA

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