New Danville is consistently creating product-based enterprises that Wranglers can develop, produce, and sell to the public in keeping with the mission of a self-sustaining, master planned community. Enterprises include a wood shop, honey from our own beehives and other edible delights, mosaic products made from donated chipped, keepsake china, and sewing and embroidery home decor. They also grow and harvest fresh vegetables and herbs from our gardens and pecans from our numerous Texas Native Pecan trees for purchase through our farmers market. To showcase the ultimate recycling commitment, our rich, black compost made from New Danville grass clippings, Bluebonnet Cafe fresh vegetable scraps, and miniature horse manure will also be offered for sale to enrich gardens. The products offered at New Danville are developed, created, grown, marketed and sold by Wranglers. For more information about our products click here to download our Marketplace brochure. marketplace-1024x983
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