Grow – July 2022

Help With Growing Pains            

For the second time, Steve and Lynne Charbonneau, and Charbonneau Industries, have come to the rescue when space became an issue for New Danville. Growth born through success is a good thing, but it presents challenges to square footage.

A modular building will soon arrive at New Danville, thanks to Charbonneau’s generosity. For the first time in its history, New Danville has a waiting list for Wrangler 2s, those clients who need extra attention and assistance because of their challenges. Wrangler 2s stay together as a group during the day; the donated building will serve as the second classroom for them.  Bryan Gill, program manager, has a daughter in that program. “It makes such a tremendous difference for them (Wrangler 2s) to have a place they call their own and that they can come to every day. That consistency brings familiarity and a comfort factor that are very important to them. We have five on the waiting list who will be very happy when the building is on site and ready to be used,” he said.

In November 2021, the Charbonneau Family Building was dedicated. The new building was constructed thanks to the generosity of Steve and Lynne. It serves the pallet-making team that is part of Charbonneau Industries’ “Pallets to Partners” program. More than 5,000 pallets have been assembled by Wranglers through this program. The company uses and sells the pallets. (For more information about purchasing pallets, contact the company.)

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