A Wrangler’s Tale – July 2022

Where There is Hope, There is Happiness

“Yes, I’m usually happy,” Hope concurred to the assertion that she seems to be so most of the time. “It isn’t hard though. I like people. I think I am easy to get along with. There is no secret…just smile at people.”

Hope started with New Danville’s day program in 2015. “I think my mom and dad learned about New Danville online. I remember my first day; I was excited and happy. The horses were fun.” Though mobility challenges prevent Hope from going out to the pasture any more, she chooses to stay very busy with the multitude of classes that are available. Her all-time favorite class is scrapbooking, followed by sewing and knitting. “I guess I am crafty,” Hope said with a twinkle in her eye.

The commonality of her preferred activities is the chance to create something. One of her paintings was purchased by Troy Ball, the keynote speaker at the 2022 Spring Thing event that benefitted New Danville. She loves to sew and knit, but nothing “has it all” like scrapbooking. She enjoys designing scrapbooks and then writing in them. She makes cards at home, too, when not making artsy things at New Danville.

Hope cited several things she likes about New Danville, but what makes the biggest impression are the people.  Hope is a people person and “Everyone here is nice.  I like it,” she said.

“I wished other people understood my vision (limitations),” she said. She sees better the things that are close up and sometimes people don’t take that into account. But, she keeps smiling and enjoying each day. Where there is Hope, there is happiness…no matter what.

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