Guest Voices – July 2022

He called out to me from across the campus, me in my office in the classroom building and he in the pasture by the barn. His unmistakable donkey voice let me know that he had something to share, so I traipsed past the flagpoles to where he waited at the white-railed fence. His braying stopped as I got closer as if to say, “Glad you heard me.  Thanks for coming over.  There’s something I want to talk about.” ~Editor

“You’re the fundraising guy, right?” he asked politely.

“Yes,” I said. I love it when people, and now animals, bring me cool ideas that require funding because it all, ultimately, helps our Wranglers.  No matter how the money is spent, it ends up making better experiences for the Wranglers.  “Do you have something in mind?”

“Absolutely,” he replied after lapping up some water from the bucket by the fence. “You know we love the Wranglers, and I know I am speaking for all the animals here.  I know because we talk about such things when the people aren’t looking. I know they love us, too. They talk to us, brush us — that is my personal favorite part of when they visit – walk around with us and feed us.  They’re good company.”

“I agree with everything you said.  Where are you going with this,” I asked as a couple more donkeys came over to join the conversation. Their heads bobbed a bit as they walked over, affirming what they overheard. Donkeys are famous for their eavesdropping abilities.

“Not to sound braggadocios, but all of us critters here play important roles for the Wranglers. We overhead some of the people talking the other day…”

“Y’all sure eavesdrop well with those ears,” I interjected.

He smiled as if he were eating cactus.  I laughed as he nodded his head again.

“Yes, we do.” His buddies brayed a chuckle in the background. “Anyway, we heard there was an interest in adding a miniature cow, and maybe more chickens, as well as adding new coops and possibly a couple of small satellite barns. The cow would need one, the goats need one and the pastures need some fencing.”  He paused to nibble on some hay placed by the Wranglers. “We like the idea.  We approve.  Let us know how we can help. We’ll smile for photos, mosey over to donors who are on site for tours…whatever you need from us,” he concluded before turning to head back to the grasses with his buddies in tow.

I waved; they flicked their tails. Meeting adjourned. I returned to my office, anxious to share this story.

Contact Dion McInnis at if you’d like to help with the additions, or donate here and specify that your gift is for the animal therapy program. Our goal for the changes described above is $20,000.  We appreciate your help!

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