Work – June 2022

Work, a Source of Happiness and Independence

Marlon moved to Meadowbrook, New Danville’s residential community, in 2018. While living on his own brings him a great sense of independence and satisfaction, he says that working at his job does, too. Sure, a paycheck is nice – “I bought my own iPhone 12” – but there is more to what the job provides him.

“I work hard; I like to take care of people; I follow directions very carefully,” Marlon said, listing three aspects of his work performance, which happen to be three things he likes most about work. He aspires to have a good day every day, but things don’t always work out as planned. When that happens, he likes to ride his bike around New Danville grounds to change his thoughts and attitude. “I ride the circle and it helps,” he said.

Thanks to his job, he has a DVD movie collection; he enjoys listening to music, too, in his time away from work. He works at a nearby Whataburger and has been there since 2019.

Marlon said he strives to improve himself every day. “No matter how your day is going, never give up,” he said, offering encouragement and wisdom to others.

“I feel good. I am happy,” Marlon said, and a good job plays a key role for him.

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