Live – June 2022

From Nervous to Friendships in Short Order

Jessica was nervous when she first began to live on her own in Meadowbrook, New Danville’s residential community. “It was kind of like the first day of school,” she said. She said that she felt like she was going to “live in the middle of nowhere” when she saw the rural environment. But the nervousness faded away and the new environment became familiar quickly. Her family learned about New Danville thanks to her sister’s research and they had their eye on it for years before she moved in.

Having a busy life at New Danville has helped. In addition to living on-site, participating in the day program, and having a part-time job here, she likes to keep busy in her off times. She enjoys crafts and baking goodies like muffins, cookies and brownies. “Brownies are best with ice cream. Vanilla ice cream,” she said. As good as the yummies are, they are not the best thing about living at New Danville.

“I have a lot of friends here.  I think I am popular. I am usually in a good mood. I think people like that. I am also nosey; I know that. I like to know what is going on. We have ears to listen, right?” she said with a broad smile.

She likes to participate in the many activities put on by the volunteers of Legally Authorized Representatives Alliance (LARA) which include birthday parties for residents and various other social activities. Jessica likes riding her bike around the New Danville campus, though you won’t find her with the animals like many of the other residents. “I’m not into farm animals. I like dogs, though. I like animals.”

“I was nervous moving here. Then I was excited. Now I have many friends and neighbors,” she said. She is also looking forward to the day when New Danville adds new houses, increasing the neighbors that she will have.

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