Learn – June 2022

On the Job Training…about People

“What strikes me,” Randy McCaffety said, “is that I have learned so much about people, particularly those with special needs. Everyone is different; everyone has ways they want to communicate.”

Randy started with New Danville in November 2021 as a driver. “I learned a lot about the Wrangler 2s and their lives while driving,” he said, “but now, being in the classroom with them all day, I have learned a lot more.” Randy recently stepped in as direct support professional to work with the group of those who need additional support and attention. While temporarily filling the gap, he felt that he grew.

Randy said that he loves to shake things up for the Wrangler 2s. He uses storytelling as an opportunity to improvise during parts of the storybook that he is reading from. “I like to interject jokes and add humor to their day. It is all part of having fun. They learn and grow during fun times, I believe.”

One of the characteristics that has most caught his attention is their innocence. “I think that makes it hard for them in society today.” Another is their desire to communicate. “They’re smart and they find ways to share when they want to get a point across. Even if they can’t verbalize, they find a way.”

“I’ve also learned that some doors are opened for you. Some are knocked down so you can enter. I was sent here for a reason. I am learning more about the reason every day.”

His growth came about because of the growth in New Danville enrollment.  With the recent addition of new direct support professionals, he then returned to his other roles. “People growing in different ways at different times is a sign of a committed team,” said Eva Aguirre, President and CEO.

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