Grow – June 2022

“I Belong Here and I Grow Here…”

Trisha Woods started as a Direct Support Professional at New Danville in 2018. Trisha’s cousin has special needs, so she felt sure she would enjoy working in the field of special needs, though she had not considered it until she saw the job posting.  She was hired to teach sewing class although she didn’t know how to sew. That told her everything about the culture at New Danville and she knew she wanted to be part of it. “I belong here,” she said.

She taught herself to sew by watching online videos and listening to the lessons and tips offered by Wranglers. “The atmosphere here is welcoming,” she said as she revealed the many ways that people at New Danville empower others. Staff members, volunteers, Wranglers…everyone is happy to help others grow in their knowledge and skills, which is a good thing since there were many other things to learn as she continued to grow in her job.

The COVID situation led to layoffs. She was anxious to get back. When the call came for her to return, it came with an additional role, too:  production lead. Another challenge, another opportunity to grow. In that role she oversees the various products that Wranglers make for sale, such as the products sold at New Danville’s online store. “I am still learning about the business side of our production work, but I have great teachers.” Her successes as production lead positioned her for an additional role: woodshop lead.

“I have big shoes to fill (Sherry Franklin retired in 2021), but, again, everyone is helpful and positive. I heard the story about the ‘ooops box’ and that describes the culture here. There would sometimes be mistakes made when Wranglers made pens that we sold. Sherry would tell them to put the pen in the ‘ooops box’ and forget about it. Mistakes happen. Move on. I love that and that attitude runs through the New Danville culture. Everyone grows!”

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