Guest Voices – June 2022

With Joy to Spare, It’s Bowling Day

Hanna Thacker is the event coordinator for Time to Spare in Conroe. Though she has only been in that role for four months, the relationship between the lanes and New Danville extends about four years.

I can speak for everyone here: The days that the Wranglers come to bowl bring a special joy. We all look forward to New Danville’s bowling days.

I was told about New Danville when I started the job. I soon knew the days they came; I knew the price arrangements; I knew that the Wranglers were special needs adults. It wasn’t until I looked around on the New Danville website that I began to understand how much is done there. I was blown away by everything the people at New Danville are doing. I realize there is still a lot for me to learn.

One of the things you can’t help but learn when watching them bowl is joy. They are so excited with whatever they accomplish. I am a bowler. I’ve noticed how I sometimes get too caught up in the competition of the sport instead of the joy of being able to play. The Wranglers remind me of that. I usually find an excuse to go to the area they are bowling in so I can pick up on their happiness and energy.

The team here feels the same way. A lot of the staff members know the Wranglers by name and know what their favorite drinks are. They like it when the Wranglers arrive.

Words can’t express how it feels to watch the Wranglers play, having so much fun and such pride in their accomplishments for the day. I watched the bowling scene in the music video of New Danville’s original song, Wranglers’ Ballad, and couldn’t help but smile. It captures the Wrangler joy very well. Time to Spare is proud to be part of that happiness.

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