Learn – May 2022

Mixing customized beauty

The Wranglers’ favorite thing about the newest class offering for day program attendees?  The smell!

They call the class Blushing Beauty, but it could be called Lotions and Potions. Wranglers get to make their own beauty products with the scent that each is looking for. “They come up with some interesting combinations,” according to Direct Support Professional Melissa Varney. “I admit, the production area where class is held sure smells nice after each class.”

To personalize their output even more, class participants get to design their own labels for the bottles that hold their special lotions.

“The Wranglers do it all,” Melissa said. “They do the research for various recipes, test the various recipes to see which ones they like and then decide what to make. Frankly, some of the things they have made are better than what can be found in stores,” she added with a proud smile.

Wranglers learn kitchen skills – measuring, blending, mixing and pouring – while creating their products. “Like everything at New Danville,” Melissa said, “we try to use every class as a way for Wranglers to learn skills they can use in life and not just in class. We continue to move their boundaries and then empower them to reach that limit; then we move the boundaries again. We don’t think about limits; we think of possibilities.”

Wranglers enjoy the creative and practical lessons learned in class, but they enjoy using their products even more!

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