Guest Voices – May 2022

B-4 there was COVID, there was King’s: Bingo key to New Danville

“I wish more people knew what we actually do. What we do is phenomenal. We help so many people,” Cassie Raether said. She is the manager of King’s Bingo in Webster, TX; New Danville is one of five charities that benefit from the bingo hall’s net proceeds.

“Frankly, I’m not sure where we would be without the support of King’s Bingo,” said Eva Aguirre, president and CEO of New Danville. “The past two years have been a challenge, but their support had a tremendous influence as we navigated the pandemic situation. I learned that no matter what is going on in the world, people will still play bingo.  Thank goodness for that! Not to mention the many years of support we received from them in our fledgling years as a nonprofit.”

Patricia Greenfield CEO and Founder of Texas Bingo Solutions echoed both Cassie’s and Eva’s sentiments. Texas Bingo Solutions oversees the financial and accounting functions of several bingo halls, including King’s Bingo. “I have a wonderful job.” she said. “Because of Cassie and her team, who work tirelessly, the hall is profitable and all of the profits from the conduct of bingo are distributed to the Kings Bingo charities that are doing great work with that money in the community. We know you can do so much with the money. Bingo is a social thing for everyone. People have fun, make friends and help charities. I wish more people knew about the charity component.” New Danville has partnered with Texas Bingo Solutions since 2012.

Cassie has been the manager at King’s Bingo for six years. She started working with them not long after they opened in 2012 as a second job. Her role changed over the years until she was named manager after three years there. “My role is to make it as enjoyable as possible for people to spend their money while having fun, all for good causes. Our entire team has fun meeting and exceeding our revenue goals by creating a dynamic environment for our players. Everyone has a wonderful time and then we get to support charities. What a great job!” King’s Bingo has a special imprint of New Danville.  The wood letters that spell out “bingo” in the hall were made by Wranglers in woodshop class. Starting in May, they will also begin to occasionally show New Danville’s new, original music video, Wranglers’ Ballad to help players better understand what they are supporting.

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