Grow – May 2022

Day program: sprouting enrollment in spring

For the first time in New Danville’s history, there is now a waiting list for enrollment in the Wrangler 2 program that is for clients with more challenging needs. At the current pace of growth for the day program, a waiting list may be necessary well before the end of 2022 as growth in headcount and client-days continues. There has been a waiting list for Meadowbrook, New Danville’s residential community, for years. To Bryan Gill, program manager, all that is good news.

“There is so much positivity,” Bryan said, “on the team, with our guests and visitors. It is great to see, and we see it in our numbers. Enrollment is up 20% in the first four months of the year.”

Bryan shared the story of a family who moved from Pearland (70 miles away) to get their loved one closer to New Danville so he could easily attend the day program often. Another new client decided on her first day that she wanted to change from three to four days per week of day program attendance. Another client from Huntsville (25 miles north of New Danville) now wants to attend five days a week and was disappointed that the day program is not held on Saturday and Sunday, too.

Growth shows in many areas. For example, New Danville has added Huntsville to its transportation route. New clients are joining, former clients are coming back, current clients are adding more days: “It is a fun time,” Bryan said.

“We used to have two tours (for prospective clients) per month,” Bryan said, “and now we are doing from six to ten per month. The good word is spreading.”

For more information about New Danville programs and services or to request a tour, contact Bryan Gill, program manager, at 936-534-9111 or

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