A Wrangler’s Tale – May 2020

Movin’ on in to the MB Side:  Wil comes to Meadowbrook

Wil is proud of his various accomplishments: He collects hats and caps, plays the guitar, loves gardening, competes in the Special Olympics, shares smiles, and much more. His most recent achievement brings a lot of the other accomplishments together; Wil is now a resident of Meadowbrook, New Danville’s residential community.

Wil was on the waiting list for two years, but he and his parents say that being able to live at New Danville was worth the wait. He smiled as his parents explained how important it is that he, and all people with special needs, be given appropriate challenges so each can grow to their own potential. Indeed, Wil and his parents aspire to the limits of what live, learn, work and grow can be for him.

His mom said she first learned about New Danville in 2010 during exhaustive research about special needs programs in several states. She explained the feeling that the family had when they visited New Danville for a tour. “We all knew immediately that this is the place, the environment, for Wil. His sister called it as soon as we drove past the entry gate.”

Though Wil has held a variety of jobs over the years, including at fast food shops, a laundry and a thrift store. “But now he can just chill for a while,” his mom said. His dad added, “Wil loves to paint by number, ride horses, play guitar. He can do more than most people think. We feel good that he is in a place that understands to not place artificial limits.”

Of the many options for activities at New Danville, Wil said, “Gardening is my favorite.” He has learned how to plant, water and harvest, a perfect complement to live, learn, work and grow.

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