Work – April 2022

From Pallets to Pizza “Because there are bills to pay.”

About a month ago, Becky changed jobs from being a member of the pallet crew (see the article here about the Pallets to Partners program with Charbonneau Industries). Though she loved being part of the crew, the hours were inconsistent, as with many manufacturing-type jobs.  “I had bills to pay,” she said with a smile, “so I asked my parents if I could find a job in the community. My first job ever was in the community and they said to go ahead and try to find one. I started at Incredible Pizza (in Conroe) and love it.”

“I applied to work where the games are played but they asked if I was interested in working in the kitchen. I told them that I didn’t have experience there, but they said they were sure I could learn. They hired me on the spot! I think it was because I was happy and smiling.  Maybe they liked my dimples,” she said with her ever-present smile.

She was reminded about how important being a good team member is. “They don’t want anyone who is a gossiper or folks who talk about others.”

Her parents suggested she get the opinions of others who know the restaurant or who worked there so she could learn about the company, just as they would learn about her in the interview. A current Wrangler and resident, Justin, worked there in the past and had great things to say about working there, Becky said. With that information, she pursued an interview.  Right after she was hired, Spring Break hit and the restaurant was very busy. Normally there are three to five tubs of dough to roll and weigh, but during Spring Break they had nine.  “But I was able to keep up!” she said.

It was easy to get to work when she was on the pallet crew since the Charbonneau Family Building where the pallets are made is only a couple of hundred yards from her home on the New Danville campus. She has transportation worked out for her new job with New Danville and her special guy, Blake. Commuting provides opportunity.  “I like to work in the community because I can run errands and shop on the way home, too,” she said.

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