Live – April 2022

When Living at New Danville is Your Dream

“I had the same answer to everyone who asked me. Teachers in high school and college would ask me about my plans for the future. Sometimes they asked for essays. I always had the same answer. I had it in my desire to live here (New Danville). ‘I want to live at New Danville.’ That was always my answer.”

Mariann has lived in Meadowbrook, New Danville’s residential community, for several years. She had been on the Meadowbrook waiting list for a long time. She clearly believes it was worth the wait.

Prior to moving to New Danville, Mariann lived with her parents. With her eye on being a resident in Meadowbrook, “It felt like forever to get here,” she said with a broad smile.

Having friends and neighbors, and the chance to socialize as well as have private time, make for a great environment to live in for Mariann. She is involved in the day program, too, and has several things she enjoys doing when she gets home after a busy day in classes and activities. “I like walking around outdoors, relaxing and cooking. I used to cook at home with my mother and now I cook in my own home.”

She learned how to deal with bullies in high school and college, “But we don’t have that here.” When asked how she would describe Meadowbrook in her own words, she replied, “In my words: nice, peaceful, the sounds of fun.” She said she sometimes enjoys listening to her neighbors and friends having fun with get-togethers. “I like the sounds of my neighbors having fun.”

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