Learn – April 2022

“What’s to eat?” All that’s good!

Rosie Aguirre is a recent addition to the New Danville team of Direct Support Professionals, but she is making friends fast. Apparently, the way to anyone’s heart is through their tummy, and taste buds. Rosie leads the return of the Culinary class to the list of day program options.

“We’ve made traditional breakfasts, as well as a lot of other things like cheese enchiladas, chicken enchiladas and….,” she tried to explain before several Wranglers happily chimed in with some of their favorite dishes they learned to cook in class.

Wranglers and Wrangler 2s (those who need more attention and assistance) enjoy the class, helping in ways they are able to. Everyone gets to do what they can, and together they create great meals while having fun. Whether it is measuring ingredients, stirring a flavored drink, putting trays in the oven or watching a pot on the stove, there is plenty to do so no one is bored during class.

What the Wranglers learn doesn’t stop at the classroom kitchen door. Many like to cook at home, whether they live independently at New Danville or at home with parents or care providers. “My favorite thing to make at home is shepherd pie,” one Wrangler said.

Everyone likes their food to their own taste, but on one topic the entire class had the same answer to a question.  “What’s your favorite part of class?”   “Eating the food!”

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