A Wrangler’s Tale – April 2022

A Decade in, James Has a Big Vision for New Danville

James has been a New Danville Wrangler for about a decade. It has been a very busy ten years for him onsite and away. He has a lot of interests and friends, both heavily influenced by attendance in the day program.

He states he is excited about learning, which explains his myriad of interests and sense of joy. This life of joy is a Wrangler’s tale.

“I don’t remember my first day exactly,” James said, “but I know it was a good one.” For all the things that he described as enjoying to do, the years must be a blur. He enjoys swimming – “I enjoy it; it can be fun.” He enjoys diving off the low board, too. He also likes collecting comic books – “They are all my favorites,” he said with a smile. James can be found playing basketball, though he says, “I’m not a good shot all the time, but most of the time.”  He has a good time in the recently returned culinary class – “My favorite is chicken sandwiches.”  James also enjoys art class that includes all types of art, such as ceramics, painting and many other projects.  “Sometimes we need help,” he says, “but it is fun learning.”  Learning and fun are central to James’ outlook on just about everything.

Perhaps the most important thing to James is the friends he has. He said he enjoys all the activities at New Danville, but mostly, “I have a lot of friends here.”

He is certainly impressed with what he has experienced at New Danville. He shared that he and Nicole Martinez (Program Coordinator) have a “dream to start making international global New Danville, in every nation, continent and country because it would be awesome. Then make New Danville commercials.”  (The leadership team at New Danville believes he will be pleased to hear about the dream it will soon be making public.)

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