Brad likes Meadowbrook’s style

As a man who loved Boy Scouts and camping as a kid, Brad believes New Danville’s Meadowbrook community is a great place to live. Having lived in a variety of places over the years, being “in the country,” which is a first for him, suits him fine. Leaving the temperatures of Illinois behind, his solution for the heat of Texas is simple:  “Don’t go out.”

Brad likes being able to take walks and enjoy nature. “It is healthy. It is good for you,” he said about his jaunts.  He has always enjoyed walking, recalling his walks to school and church when he was younger. Walking is not his only way of getting around.

“I drive,” he said. “I go to the grocery store, my mom’s and the library.  I don’t go on the highway though. That would be dangerous.”

Brad remembers first learning about New Danville when there was little development on the campus. He didn’t move here until years later. “I have seen a lot of changes. There is a lot here now,” he said.

Brad enjoys cooking a lot and is happy to share with others his menu of the day or day before. When asked whether he took the culinary class at New Danville, he shook his head. “No, I have been cooking a long time. I enjoy it.”

Does New Danville’s environment inspire him to try camping again? “I like camping. Tent camping, like in Scouts. Not big trailer camping. I don’t think I could camp outside like I used to. It is too cold.” Part of life is leaving behind some activities and learning new ones, which Brad embraces fully at New Danville.

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