Eva Aguirre, president and CEO of New Danville nonprofit

Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be”

Author Unknown

The month of March reminds us that change is coming and that spring is just around the corner.  We notice new buds on the tips of trees, and maybe even new patches of bluebonnets.  It is a magical time filled with longer days, trees and flowers blooming, and the return of green lawns.

Here at New Danville, every day is a magical time.  We hear laughter and joy.  We experience first-hand our adults learning new things.  We get to hear stories of what happened over the weekend and who broke up with whom.  Our Wranglers help us to appreciate what is truly important in life: friendship, love, and the appreciation for the smallest of things in our lives. As you read this edition of our Wrangler Gazette, you too will see what a magical place we have here at New Danville.  A community filled with caring staff and with inspiring stories in the lives of our Wranglers.

The month of March also brings to mind all things celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.  One of those things is the four-leaf clover.  A rarity of nature, it symbolizes Faith, Love, Hope, and Good Fortune.  We are fortunate in that what has been created at New Danville is reminiscent of the four-leaf clover.  We are filled with a sense of faith that no matter the hurdles before us, a higher power is guiding us forward.  We have love for those we serve and a genuine love for what we do.  We are full of hope for a bigger and brighter future, and we know that with a little luck, our good fortune will see our vision for the future become a reality.

All of us here extend our deep gratitude to all of our volunteers, donors, families and community partners in helping us continue to provide a place for personal growth and joy, where our Wranglers can live, learn, work and grow.

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