Kris returns to a different New Danville

Kris knew New Danville when it consisted of a tent and a couple of buildings. He was among the first to be on the scene in the day program (2005) and among the first to move into New Danville’s residential community, Meadowbrook (2010). He left after about five years but has recently returned to the day program. He is impressed with what has changed.

He has been busy and successful over the years. He has grown, as has New Danville. “I saw things were different (when I visited again). There is so much here now,” he said. Time has not diminished his many memories of New Danville, particularly the people. His mother said that he inherently connects to people and likes to know about others.  “I’ve known James for a long time,” Kris said, “and Sherry. She made those pens.”

His mother was active with Jazzy Junque, the upscale home décor resale store that benefits New Danville, at its inception. She was the store’s first part-time manager. She is again helping out as a volunteer. “We’ve been fans of New Danville since the time we first heard about it,” she said.

Kris likes to be active, recalling times when he helped with yard work on site; currently, his favorite day programs are active, too:  bowling, basketball and gardening.

He has had several jobs over the years and now serves as a custodian at a preschool for children with autism. When asked about his favorite part of the job, he said, “I like cleaning up after the little kids.”

Another favorite activity is going to high school football games which he drives himself to. As for sports, he declares baseball as his favorite after saying, “The strike is over now. Now they will start their games again.”

From his perspectives of New Danville over time, what would he like to share with others?  “It is a good place to live.”

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