Work – February 2022

It’s not the work, it’s the people

Holly has held a variety of jobs since high school as well as a few volunteer roles. Her mother, Carolyn, said that jobs are part of the formula to be sure that Holly’s days are fulfilling to her by being busy in activities that make her feel useful, needed and appreciated.  While those may be the outcomes, to Holly there is one thing that matters:  people. What she likes about all the jobs she has had is the people.

Currently working as a volunteer at the Walker County Senior Center, she helps seniors with the various games and activities they offer. Her favorite is Wii bowling, a virtual version of the game that uses the body motions required for the sport. “I like to help them with bingo, too,” Holly added with her ever-ready big smile. She hopes that the volunteer role will turn into a job in the future.

When asked if she believes that her work helps make people happy, she replied, “Oh yes!”  But who is happier after working with the seniors, her or them?  She laughed while pointing at herself, “Me!”

Holly has enjoyed being around people in jobs ranging from bussing tables at various restaurants to packaging seals in plastic bags to working in a nonprofit’s thrift store. Not surprisingly, what she loved most about all the jobs was the people she worked with and the customers.

One “job” that she is particularly excited about is that of being an aunt. She is about to be an aunt again, making it the eighth time. She is thrilled.

“People are good to me,” Holly said. Perhaps that is because she reveals how much she likes them.

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