Live – February 2022

Looking back at life at New Danville

John lived at New Danville for several years, but had to recently change where he calls home. Still a Wrangler (day program participant), he was happy to share his thoughts about his time as a resident.

The easiest summary of John’s observations about living at New Danville would involve two words:  fun and friends.

He enjoyed hanging out with his friends. Among the many activities he enjoyed with his friends were joking around, watching television – the show MASH and wrestling on Monday were his favorites – spending time with the miniature horses and donkeys and playing basketball. Living here he could play basketball whenever he wanted, with friends or by himself.

“Sometimes on Friday we would go for pizza,” he said. “That was always fun, too.”

Among his favorite solo activities was riding his bicycle. “I like the quiet.  Sometimes I would ride around the houses and ride around the road. I like to do that a lot.”

He enjoyed having friends nearby and having a place where his sisters could come visit. In a word, it was independence.

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