Learn – February 2022

New and popular already:  meditation class

When the idea of adding a meditation class to the mix of day program options came up in the fall, Direct Support Professional Shay was selected to develop and lead the class. “None of us knew what to expect and how to put together the right class for our Wranglers. I was a bit nervous. It was like putting together a puzzle with all the pieces face down, but I think it came out well.”  That would be an understatement considering the popularity of the class and the participants’ many improvements.

Wranglers speak to the elements they like best: “releases energy,” “we get to talk and let our minds relax,” and “writing in our journals.” Shay explained that each session includes several components. Participants start by writing in their journals after which they stretch for a few minutes. Loosened up, they then spend about 10 minutes in whatever position they are most comfortable in while being alone with their thoughts as quiet music plays in the background. After that, it is open session to chat about anything that is on the minds of the attendees.  “Once someone gets the conversation going, things really begin to roll. Everyone gets in on the conversation.”

“I researched a lot about meditation classes and came up with something I thought would work well for the Wranglers. I was then able to order the materials and supplies we needed,” Shay said. “We had no idea of how it would be received by the Wranglers; they love it!”

She described how class participants have shown dramatic improvement in many areas, including mood, communication and socialization. She said that the Wranglers need quiet time breaks and opportunities to reflect and relax. Participants agree. The hope is that the class will go year-round because of the positive outcomes.

“They aren’t the only ones benefitting from this,” she said. “After the class, I am more relaxed and see things differently. I really enjoy it and am glad the Wranglers do, too.”

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