A Wrangler’s Tale – February 2022

If it is February, then it must be Valentines…and the anniversary for Meadowbrook residents, Amanda and Mark. Happy second anniversary!

Their story has many of the features of a Hallmark movie.

They met in 2014, both being residents of New Danville’s Meadowbrook residential area. Their first date came after a few coffee dates on each other’s front porches; it was to see the movie Goosebumps in 2015, though Amanda admits to noticing Mark early on.

On a trip to the mall with the Social Club, Mark caught Amanda’s eye. She smiles broadly when sharing that she noticed him.  “Oh, he’s a cutie, I thought to myself,” she said.

A week after they were married, they went on a cruise out of Los Angeles where they were able to go on various excursions and enjoy a lot of activities on the ship. A week after they returned, the COVID situation started shutting down cruises and travel.

“We loved the shows, like the ‘Age of Aquarius’ show,” Mark said. “I thought the comedies were great, too,” Amanda added. “Especially Jeff Dunham’s show. I like the Peanut character a lot.”

Mark has a deep curiosity for information, evidenced by him citing extensive details about the cruise line, the various ships, ship capacities and more. Amanda enjoys creating with her hands, particularly by sewing and crocheting a variety of items.  “I like to shop, too,” she said, “especially at Hobby Lobby for my projects.” Mark’s handwork is primarily with computers that he likes to work on. They enjoy walking together at a nearby park or around the New Danville campus. They both agreed that going to movies continues to be fun.

They recently added a little puppy to the family. The busy couple is going to be busier as they look to the future.

“Two years have gone fast. Very fast,” Amanda said. They both are looking forward to the future. As the Hallmark movies remind us, time flies when you are with someone special.

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