Work – January 2022

It takes work to tackle something new

“Effort only releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.” ~ Napoleon Hill

Whether it is climbing a mountain or learning how to tie your shoes, learning something new requires work and persistence. In a recent conversation with Debbie Rigsby, the Direct Support Professional who works with our Wrangler IIs, we learned about sharing some of the things they were proud of learning that required extra work and effort.

Wrangler IIs at New Danville have been putting the focus and attention it takes to learn new things. Nothing new can be learned without those two things, and effort, too.

Aaron can now find books at the Montgomery County Library on his own and is a big fan of Disney books. When asked if he likes going to the library, he replied with a big smile and a “Yes!” He proudly showed off his sheet of paper with words that begin with the letter “A.”

Debbie said that the class is working on a variety of things that take repetition and reinforcement, as all lessons require. “They don’t give up,” she said. “We all work on it together.”

Along with everyone learning about manners, patience, and common courtesy, there are individual success stories of proud Wranglers IIs. Patrick can find his computer on the shelf by himself and Triston can now better communicate by touching pictures on an iPad which then conveys the word for it. (For more information about the grant from the Madelyn Cooke Foundation that made the technology available to New Danville, read here.) Learning new things takes work and 2022 will reveal another year of Wrangler IIs performing work to learn new things.

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