Learn – January 2022

Learning confidence heading into a new year

When asked “How have you learned to have confidence going into 2022?” Wranglers Kevin, Robert, Mariann, and Lisa shared ideas that were more grand than simple tips…they were wise insights.

While confidence is thought of as an individual trait, Wranglers also emphasized the role of family, friends, and social contacts as key to their sense of confidence.

Kevin summarized the group’s thoughts when he said, “Don’t be afraid to learn new things.” Words to live by.

Kevin believes his confidence will increase when the pandemic is over. “I will be able to take care of my family then,” he said, elaborating with examples of being able to get together with them, socialize with them, and such, all of which produces a better outlook and optimism. He learned that video calls, writing notes, and making calls are not substitutes for family time, but they help fill the gaps in contact created by the current conditions.

Lisa agreed. Being with, around, and in contact with her extended family is crucial and she believes her confidence improves with that contact.

Mariann said that she is learning to feel more positive about herself, and feeling that way improves her confidence. “I have things to learn and work to do,” she said. After some thoughtful consideration, she said, “I come to New Danville ready to take on the day and forget the past.” Kevin noted, “Mariann seems to get stronger every day.”

“Expect greatness every day,” Robert said. “Understand that the road of life is not just for the mountaintops; it is the whole road. Learn while in the dips so you can understand the top,” he remarked, reminding the group that learning that perspective will definitely affect confidence.

Learning something as complicated as confidence is certain to come with challenges and hurdles. These Wranglers easily identified the biggest impediment to their learning.

Kevin: “Do it without giving up.”

Lisa: “Have faith in yourself.”

Robert: “See it in yourself before others will be able to see it in you.”

Mariann:  “Have faith in who you are.”

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