Guest Voices – January 2022

Perspectives on Jazzy Junque since its inception

Thirty-seven years of combined experience leads to memories and perspectives on the establishment and operation of Jazzy Junque, an upscale home décor store in the Outlets at Conroe shopping center. Nanci, Gay, and Carol have been with the store since its beginning, and before.

Jazzy Junque started as a once-a-year sale of home décor items for the benefit of New Danville 14 years ago. After five years of hard work and successful sales, the decision was made to go set up a year-round storefront. Nanci and Gay started with the operation in its original format and are still on board today. Carol joined the team after the store opened.

Nanci related the moment when she said to another volunteer, “the thrill is gone.” They were pushing a sofa down the sidewalk in the shopping center, preparing for the annual sale. They knew that an ongoing operation was the answer.  The three shared stories of the “early years” when hardly anything was turned away because there was treasure in each and New Danville needed the funds. Carol said, “We painted or glued or whatever it took to get items into good condition.” Fast forward and the store space has expanded, including an expansion two years ago, and the need for storage to hold inventory has never been greater.  Quality items come from individuals, estates, and more, providing a constantly changing inventory for shoppers to choose from.

“We are a team, a family, a tribe,” Nanci said, “and customers have become friends over the years. The volunteers work hard because we all believe in the cause.”

The store contributed more than $150,000 in net proceeds in 2021 to New Danville. President and CEO Eva Aguirre said, “Our commitment is to focus on providing quality programs and fair prices to our clients. Our priority is to serve our clients, not make a profit off of them, which means that Jazzy Junque, our special events, and fundraising initiatives are essential for New Danville to complete its mission.” When asked about anything about serving at Jazzy Junque that might have come as a surprise, Gay said, “We’re too busy to be surprised about anything.  We always have so much going on.” It is also no surprise that the Jazzy Junque team is always looking for volunteers. (People interested in volunteering can fill out the contact form here.)

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