A Wrangler’s Tale – January 2022

Rob:  Everyone has a story that they want understood by others

Rob’s been around. And around and around, mostly in his bright blue golf cart in which he spends a few hours a day driving around the New Danville campus.  Rob has been around in life, too, and when asked if he wished others understood more about him and his story, he quietly nodded in response.

Rob loves mobility. A big fan of trucks and SUVs, Rob enjoys going to the Houston Auto Show with his father.  He particularly likes the Nissan trucks, Frontier and Titan.

His mobility includes a variety of home over the years.  He has lived in Hope Village in Friendswood and Brenham State School and other communities, as well as at home with his parents over the decades before arriving at New Danville two years ago. As he shares his life story he recalls people’s names clearly and quickly. “It is easy to remember people’s names,” he said matter-of-factly.

Rob’s mobile nature has transported him to a variety of experiences. He has sung in several church choirs and does so now. He also participates in Special Olympics in bowling; he would like to get back to participating in track-and-field, too. He has held a variety of jobs over the years, though he admits that finding employment now is particularly challenging. Ironically, transportation challenges are one of the issues for him.

Among his life’s accomplishments, Rob cites two growth phases with great pride “when I developed as a man.” In high school he encountered a bullying situation. He learned first-hand the effects of bullying. “Don’t be a bully,” he said. “Find someone else to help resolve the problem.” More recently he has reached another growth step of which he is most proud. “My mom and dad are looking for providers for me. There are some things that I just can’t do very well. I’ve tried, but I need help cooking and cleaning, and stuff. I’m just not good at it.” Reminded that it takes courage and humility to admit the need for help, Rob said, “Yes.  I’m trying.”

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