Work: Dec 2021

Working in the Community Has Benefits

Marlon and David have worked in the community for a combined total of almost 30 years. They have gained a lot from their efforts in addition to pay checks, and they have great wisdom to share from their experiences.

Start by practicing: David began working for HEB grocery stores 18 years ago. While in high school, his teacher had students practice for jobs, and David practiced bagging groceries. He started as a bagger for HEB and is now a parking lot attendant. As the chain has expanded in the area, he has transferred to different stores, bringing him closer and closer to New Danville where he lives.

Learn and learn some more: Marlon worked for McDonald’s for eight years and has worked for Whataburger for the past two years.  He takes pride in his work – he has won awards for his service – and attributes his ability to do well to his commitment to always strive to learn something new.

It is not always easy, and that’s okay: Marlon and David agree that work can sometimes be hard. Whether it is dealing with summer heat while working in the parking lot, or having to clean up an area after the lunch rush, they both say that there are times they are tired when they get home from a full day. Neither of them mind it because of the sense of independence the job provides and because of the people they meet.

It is the people that matter: They share something else in common regarding their views about work:  It is about the people. People matter. Marlon says that what inspires him to learn on the job and to deliver award-winning service is because he likes to help people. David shares that, while he doesn’t have as much contact with customers in his current role as he did in the past, he enjoys interacting with them.  “I like meeting customers,” he said.

Never have a bad day: Marlon sums up more than work; he sums up life and attitude. With a big smile, he said, “I never have a bad day.” That is a choice he makes. “Everything is going to be okay; don’t be sad.”  Words to live by.

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