Guest Voices: Dec 2021

Finding New Danville Products in Special Places

Ernesto and Jodi’s B&B on Lake Conroe has 189 excellent reviews, largely because of their special attention to their customers’ needs and comfort. New Danville products produced by Wranglers are part of their success. “We’re proud that we can support New Danville while also spreading the word about their great services,” Ernesto said. “We even had a customer from Germany who wanted to know how to buy New Danville’s sugar scrub.  We directed them to New Danville’s store. All the great personal touches are Jodi’s idea,” he said with a proud smile.

The couple have had their B&B for about three years. As they were getting it prepared for the market, they visited Jazzy Junque to look for furniture and home décor items. There they met Odette D’Agostino, one of the co-founders of the store, who told them about New Danville. They were sold. They continue to buy products and spread the word about New Danville.

Jodi is a graphic designer and Ernesto has had a long career in the foodservice industry, including overseeing events as large as for 6,000 people. “We’re failures at retirement,” Ernesto said with a broad smile. “I don’t think he’ll ever really retire,” Jodi added. “He likes to be busy. He has been all his life.”

“I got an adrenalin rush from all the challenges in putting together huge events,” he said, “but I also really enjoy being able to be so attentive to the various needs of those who stay with us. We continue to learn and adapt.” He pointed to a variety of New Danville products, including lotions, creams, natural insect repellant, as well as several décor items from Jazzy Junque and items created in the New Danville woodshop, all that serve the needs and comforts of their clients.

“Odette introduced us to the New Danville team. We met with Eva, Randy, and others. Everyone was receptive to our ideas of products and smaller product sizes. They wanted to be there for us like we are there for our clients, and we appreciate that.”

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