Emily doesn’t complain about work, nor the commute.  She enjoys working – always has – and her commute is a two-minute walk from her home at New Danville to the new Charbonneau Family Building where the pallet production team does its magic.

Emily has held several jobs over the years. Her mother said that Emily has been busy all her life whether the work effort was for play or pay. “Emily enjoyed being a cheerleader and playing basketball, as well as racing in the 500m event in swimming. She never quit; she just kept swimming. She has had jobs putting ball bearings on rings and making gift boxes. She works hard at everything, I’d say. She doesn’t want to just do things, but understand them, too.  That is the way it was when she learned to read, too.”

An early team member of the Pallets to Partners project, Emily learned her skills from  Sherry Franklin, aka “The Pallet Lady,” who recently retired. She is proud to have been able to teach her boyfriend those skills, too, when he joined the pallet team later.

“I enjoy making the pallets,” she said. Almost always seen with earbuds in while she works, Emily enjoys listening to rock music while working amidst the sounds of drills and other power tools. “It helps to keep out the noise,” she said.

When it came time to put names of the pallet team in the sidewalk outside the Charbonneau Family Building, someone put Emily’s in for her.  When reminded, “It will be there forever,” she smiled and nodded.  There are many ways that work provides long-term results.

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