From Day Program to Resident

Morgan’s parents asked, “Do you want to move back home?” She immediately responded “No” with a grin. Everyone laughed. She has come a long way in the four years of being associated with New Danville, recently becoming a resident, too.

Her parents said that she could not converse and interact four years ago the way she did for the interview for “A Wrangler’s Tale.” And what an interview it was!

The reasons she likes New Danville are the same that empowered the transformation her parents talked about, and that she is quite proud of.

“I love the activities,” Morgan said. “And my friends. And the classes. And going to the movies and stuff.”

While several Wranglers enjoy gardening class, Morgan’s preference is getting her hands dirty. No sideline gardener, she. She enjoys working in the dirt. She enjoys a variety of classes that involve busy hands:  sewing and crafts, woodwork, and art (including jewelry making). She also enjoys the opportunities to go into the community on field trips and with the Social Club for movies, eats or shopping.

A graduate of Huntsville High School, Morgan likes the various gifts her dad used to bring back from his work travels far away from home, ranging from sweatshirts to jewelry. “I have brought Morgan those flattened pennies you can get out of machines from places all over the country,” her dad said. Morgan smiled and nodded.  She likes keeping such treasures.

Her grandpa likes keeping treasures, too…the ones Morgan makes in woodworking, art and craft classes, in particular. He has dedicated a wall in his shop for the display of her handiwork.

When asked what she was most proud of from the past four years, she referenced several things: friends, activities, and learning new things. Her mom asked Morgan, “So, you feel like an adult now, don’t you?”  Morgan smiled with her quiet “Yes.” A sense of independence is a beautiful thing, and for Morgan and her family, that is the greatest treasure of all.

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