Justin’s mother said prior to the interview with him, “If he seems reserved or withdrawn, just ask him about his job.” Not that he was, but he sure enjoyed talking about past and present jobs, and the many other ways he stays busy. “I like working and being busy,” Justin said.

He has been a resident at Meadowbrook (New Danville’s residential community) since it opened in 2009.

Justin works as an associate in the stationary department at Wal-Mart. He has been there 13 years. “A lot of customers know me,” he said with a smile. Helping customers is his favorite part of the job. He shared that he also works in the seasonal department and sometimes he has assisted in the toy section. “The managers like the way I keep the departments clean and neat.”  When asked if he has the same success at home, he again smiles with “Well, I try to.”

Justin began his work life a bit before he turned 17 when he was hired by Kroger. Working is not the only way he stays busy, despite the challenges of his cerebral palsy-like condition. “It is not CP,” Justin said, “but the doctors have to call it something.” Again, a broad smile follows his observation. While in high school, he was a member of both the swim team and water polo club. Fitness, particularly swimming, remains a key element of his busy schedule. On the days that he is not working, he goes to the rec center to walk, swim and lift weights. He swims between 1200 and 1600 meters each day that he goes to the center.

Justin keeps his mind busy, too. Always has. “I received a web design certificate. I learned Dreamweaver and Illustrator, and some other applications,” he said. “I wasn’t real big on English class in school so I had to find something else for a class. I have a lot of knowledge.” Again, the smile. Shakespeare said, “He is well paid that is well satisfied.” In Shakespeare’s view, Justin is rich, indeed.

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