Odd wildflowers are popping up all over New Danville’s grounds. They aren’t really flowers, but they are a sign of new developments.

The red, yellow, and orange plastic marker flags that flutter in the wind actually mark underground utilities. Knowing where they are is critical when it comes to how much work is soon to take place as a variety of drainage projects are underway at New Danville. “Some of the projects have been necessary for a while, and some are in preparation for plans we have for the future. It only makes sense to fix all the issues since we now have the opportunity to do so,” said Randy Smyth, Director of Operations.

Residents, parents, guardians and day program participants are happy about the changes that will change water flow on the campus and eliminate the puddling issues in Meadowbrook, as well as minimize standing water in other areas.

“As we envision a future with more facilities for residents, classrooms, gathering areas, and more, we need to begin changing the shape of our terrain. The changes are important first steps,” CEO Eva Aguirre said, “and we are blessed to have the resources to begin making these changes.”

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