Wranglers are stepping into staff offices, engaging visitors, and stopping people in the halls to share the artwork they made in newly re-energized art classes. A variety of new art projects have already captured the interest of Wranglers and there is much more to come.

“Our team has always stepped up to help in any class in any way they can, but we are fortunate to have a new direct support professional whose career includes personal involvement in various art forms, as well as teaching art,” said new program manager, Bryan Gill.

Jamie Glass recently joined our team of direct support professionals, bringing years of experience immersed in the arts as a creator and teacher in both the performing and visual arts. She believes the objective is not to create ‘pretty’ art, but to create. She wants Wranglers to grow with the range of experiences while they use all their senses. “We might go for a walk on campus and do nature rubbings, or blow paint across a piece of paper. Creating art should be experiences the Wranglers enjoy,” she said.

Future plans include a ballet class, a campus art project of painted garbage cans and other exciting options that help art become a more active form of communication, expression and voice for Wranglers, as well as a lot of fun!

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