Charbonneau Industries, Inc. (Ci) has been very supportive of New Danville, beginning with participating in the Tea on the Lawn event. Their generosity continues; their hope is to help New Danville synergize changes that have a positive ripple effect and to inspire others to help in creative ways.

Lynne Charbonneau, Chief Executive Officer, was inspired when attending Tea on the Lawn (now known as Spring Thing). She and her husband, Steve, Chief Financial Officer, knew there was an opportunity to help. Lynne said, “I was so pleased that Steve suggested we do something to help. Our goal was to contribute in a way that made a difference and had long-term effects.” So, the Charbonneau’s went to work, and along the way, put Wranglers to work as well.

Charbonneau family members and Ci team members have made possible a pallet-production program, Pallets to Partners, that hires Wranglers to construct pallets. Charbonneau Industries supplied all the essentials, wood, tools, a forklift, and more. Early successes with this program inspired another bold step: the construction of a building to be used for increased pallet production. (The dedication for the new building will be in November.  See the “Upcoming Events” section of the newsletter.) Ci’s support continues, with a recent donation of computer equipment, office furniture, a golf cart, and more.

Luke Charbonneau, Corporate Executive, says often, “We love to help. Happy to!” And the help keeps coming. With the various forms of support and assistance, more change has come to New Danville. A vision has come together for a Job Readiness and Support Program, inspired by the success and potential of the pallet program.

Generosity definitely runs in the family. Julie Charbonneau, Corporate Executive, said “Doing charitable acts was a big part of our childhood and I am so grateful that we are able to continue these acts into adulthood. Seeing how excited and passionate the Wranglers at New Danville were to show their contributions to the Pallet to Partners program brings huge smiles to our faces. We cannot wait to see the future growth of the residents at New Danville as we continue to support and help create new life skills endeavors.”

Charbonneau Industries’ generosity and support are making things happen, one of which is positive, empowering change for our Wranglers and New Danville; their team and family inspire and encourage the New Danville team and family with their support. Thank you, Charbonneau Industries!

We are pleased to introduce Live, Learn, Work and Grow:  Wisdom from Under the Windmill, an inspiring, motivational, immediately usable presentation by Dion McInnis, development director. Bring this to your organization, association, business or group; everyone’s life can be better with the 15 nuggets of wisdom for living discovered at New Danville. Contact Dion at to book the presentation for your event.

New Danville is a 501( c ) 3 nonprofit rural community in Willis, TX for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. New Danville provides our clients an opportunity to live enriched and purposeful lives; we proudly call them Wranglers.

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