After eight years with another program for adults with IDD, Audra came to New Danville in 2017. Barbara, her mother, said she could see the effects immediately. How those changes came about is a Wrangler’s Tale.

“We loved it here,” Barbara said, speaking of their first impressions of seeing New Danville.  “It is quiet, peaceful and everyone is so caring and positive,” she added, reflecting her observations after years of experience here.

Audra is a Wrangler II. “She looks forward to each day at New Danville,” Barbara said, “and I get to hear all about the many things she did during the day when she gets home.”

“Audra had some behavior issues at her previous program,” Barbara said, “but not here (New Danville). I remember telling the staff when we first started coming here that if there were ever any behavior issues, call me. I have yet to receive the first call. I think it is because everyone at New Danville is positive. They provide undivided attention to the Wranglers and Wrangler IIs. As a parent, I can tell who really loves the clients, and it was clear when I first met the people here, and it has proven true ever since, that the team at New Danville loves all the clients.”

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