Living on site and working at New Danville has helped both Anthony’s and Morgan’s careers, but in ways different than first expected. The decision to move to New Danville sounds like something from an HGTV show.

Antony and Morgan

Anthony was attending nursing school and working with a Wrangler when, in 2017, a coincidence of conditions brought him to New Danville as a staff member. New Danville’s leadership wanted to find someone who would be available to the Wranglers in the evenings and weekends, and could provide some basic medical assistance when needed. While attending a Parent Night meeting on behalf of his client, Anthony learned of the plan and, of the just-vacated home. 

He called his then-girlfriend, Morgan, and told her of a housing opportunity. “It’s a bit different of a situation,” he said.

“We were looking for a place to live,” Morgan said. “As soon as he brought me out here, I fell in love with it. It was unconventional but nearly perfect. After we walked through the house, I asked, “Can we do something with those cabinets?  That color has to go. Can we paint them?’ They agreed and here we are,” she said with a smile.

Anthony graduated from nursing school in 2019 and now works in an ICU unit, and Morgan recently graduated with a psychology major and human services minor. Morgan provides assistance to a few Wrangler residents.

Both observed that working at New Danville has helped their career experiences by teaching them better communications skills and patience.

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