David Wallace has participated in the New Danville day program since its early beginnings.  He began the program in 2008 when there were less than 15 participants.  In 2010, he moved into his very own one-bedroom duplex.  When I asked him why he likes living here, he stated “I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents and visiting them, but this is my home.  I’m independent here”. 

It is this sense of “I can” independence that he also carries to his employment.  David has worked as an HEB associate for 18 years.  I asked him what keeps him motivated and he simply stated, “I like to make money and have my own money to buy things.  I feel good about myself.  We are just like everybody else.”  David’s success as an employee is reflective of the values that New Danville upholds and instills in all of its participants: the belief that every adult has a sense of purpose and worth. 

David started working at HEB in Tomball in 2003 and now works in the Conroe area.  He says HEB is a great place to work.  He really likes his co-workers because everyone is “very nice and respectful, and they pay really well”.

It is easy to see how David is living his best life.

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