“He doesn’t like stopping for anything,” Kathy said about her son, Kenny, who has lived at Meadowbrook for ten years.

“He always takes the brakes off his bike. Always. Always has, always will.”

Kenny certainly likes to be “going”…going bowling, going into town, going to New Danville’s day programs, going around Meadowbrook to say hello to all his neighbors… When he does slow down, he enjoys sitting on his front porch, enjoying the view of New Danville’s hills and neighboring cattle.

Kenny cited several things that he likes about living in Meadowbrook, New Danville’s residential community. When asked what his favorite thing about living on site was, he quickly responded.  “My friends.  Definitely my friends.”

Kathy explained that Kenny had an injury as a child that changed life. As a teacher, she learned about various programs and opportunities available to adults with special needs after they graduate from high school. “New Danville was still new,” she said, “but Kenny and I liked the environment here.  And it was affordable.” An opportunity presented itself whereby she could pay for a house to be built in Meadowbrook so Kenny would have a place to live. Her support and philanthropically minded contractors enabled her to have a house built, which she donated to New Danville. She remains active as a parent volunteer in support of the Wranglers.

He admits to wanting more things to do in the off-hours, though he keeps himself busy by brushing the animals in the animal therapy program, playing video games with his friends, and exploring the campus, usually by bicycle.  Kenny said he hopes New Danville has a community center someday with a pool table. He demonstrates the motion of stroking a pool cue, grinning at the thought of shooting a game of pool. In the meantime, he will remain on the go.

He loves riding his bike.  When asked how he stops without brakes, he said “I use my feet.” 

“Like Fred Flintstone?”  Kenny nodded with a big smile.  “Yes, yes.” As his mom reminds, Kenny lives on the go and in the moment, and usually with his warm grin.

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