It is unanimous. Each Wrangler who participated in a recent trip to NASA Johnson Space Center and Space Center Houston that was sponsored by Texas Special Children’s Project agrees, “I want to go again!” While the trip was fun, it was also informative.

Several Wranglers shared some of what they learned on the special day.

Among the things discovered during the tours was how the race to the moon began with the famous speech by President John F. Kennedy. Caitlin said, “President Kennedy had a big part in launching the space race. He had an important speech.”

The Saturn V rocket impressed many Wranglers. Pam described it as “biiiiiiiiiiiggggg,” as she smiled while describing it. Amy was impressed with the rockets, too. She said she could be an astronaut, “except for the fact that I am afraid of heights.” Jayden, however, said he could be an astronaut, based on a quiz the Wranglers took to see if they were compatible with the characteristics of astronauts.

The realities of life in space surprised many Wranglers. Caitlin said that learning how astronauts eat in space was interesting and space ice cream tastes very good. “That surprised me,” she said. As for the many adventures of astronauts, the Apollo 13 experience moved Ivan the most. “It touched my heart for the astronauts,” he said, “because of how scared they must have been.”

A number of “life in space” realities interested Wranglers, like how astronauts use the bathroom in space, and how they wash their hair. For Amy, learning about how astronauts live in space was the most intriguing information. Caitlin was intrigued about future travel to Mars – “They found water on Mars now.” – while Jayden was excited to hear that NASA plans to return to the moon. Whatever comes next in NASA’s long history of exploration, the Wranglers of New Danville will be cheering them on.

A HUGE Thank You to the Texas Special Children’s Project for making this trip possible!

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