It’s baaaaaccccck…and no one could be happier than the Wranglers. The Social Club is back in business, taking two social excursions per month so Wranglers can take in pizza, movies, mall trips or dining out. But, the Club is not just about having fun, enjoying each other’s company, eating yummy food, laughing, and all that good stuff.  “The Wranglers get to showcase their independence as individuals,” said Jennifer Mauboules, who now runs the program.

New Danville clients (Wranglers) enjoy Social Club visit to Cane’s for chicken dinner

2020 threw a wrench in the works of the Social Club’s plans, but the long-standing tradition has been re-engaged under new leadership after the retirement of Sherry Franklin who ran the program for years. Jennifer put a notice on the lunchroom wall at noon and by close of business the same day, all the seats for the upcoming trip were filled, she said. Of course, if a Wrangler cannot get a seat on New Danville transportation, they can have their parent/guardian provide transportation to and from the meeting place.

The group meets twice a month. As with everything at New Danville, the empowerment of the Wranglers is paramount. “They get to apply everything they’ve learned in day habilitation programs, under the guidance of staff. It helps us see other areas that we can help them learn and develop.”

Wranglers don’t attend all the activities, thus a range of offerings. Many will find the trips they like and learn how to save money for the excursion. “They learn how to save and budget, how to pay for their purchases, how to tip and so much more,” Jennifer added.

If you would like more information about the Social Club, contact Jennifer at

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