Pallets, Pallets, Pallets!

Charbonneau Industries approached New Danville in 2019 with an idea:  hire Wranglers to assemble pallets for them. The company needs pallets for the shipping of its products in the oil and gas industry. More than 4,500 pallets later, the program has been so successful that we are looking at other opportunities to do the same.  Thank you, Charbonneau Industries!

Luke Charbonneau said, “The US Oil & Gas Industry is very generous and innovative. At Ci, we found an innovative way to spread generosity and give back to our community. We designed pallet patterns and a work plan for the New Danville team that complemented their fabulously unique capabilities. The New Danville team is part of our supply chain for those pallets. It is our responsibility to find ways to reach out and be supportive and create mutually beneficial partnerships in our communities.”

Sherry Franklin, the Direct Support Professional who oversees the pallet-making project, uses the word “exciting” many times when describing what she has seen develop since the inception of the program. The Wranglers were excited, and remain so, about being able to produce something that generates wages for them and revenue for New Danville; they are excited when a new team member is added to be trained on the processes of producing pallets – there are seven members on the crew now; and, they are excited about moving into the new building that Charbonneau Industries built on-site to increase our project capacity.

“One of the greatest things is to see the Wranglers’ feelings of independence and the confidence they gain by being part of something like this,” Franklin said.

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