Kristen’s spirit


Her favorite miniature horse at New Danville is named Perfection. The name closely matches Kristen’s spirit. A resident at Meadowbrook since its opening in 2010, she first became familiar with our little community in Willis when she began attending the day programs in 2009. A few minutes with Kristen, her toy horse Brownie, and her mom Connie shed light on life in Meadowbrook. 

Kristen learned about horseback riding thanks to some of the people her dad knew early in his career. Her love of horses was just one of the attractions for her to New Danville. “As soon as I saw Perfection, I felt connected to him. And him to me, too,” she added with a smile. She and another New Danville resident ride horses at a stable in Magnolia once a week. 

While holding her toy horse, Brownie, Kristen said the top reasons she likes living here are the ability to walk to the day programs and the ability to see Perfection whenever she wants. Connie added, “I believe what she is getting at is that living here gives her a sense of independence while feeling safe, secure, and happy.” 

Kristen laughs by adding, “A swimming pool would be a nice addition, too.”

Connie, who volunteers with Legally Authorized Representative Alliance (LARA), a group of people who support New Danville and the Wranglers, smiled her affirmation. “I’m glad that the plans including adding more for the Wranglers to do on evenings and weekends. That will be nice.”

Hopefully, Kristen will have some new neighbors in the not-too-distant future.

New Danville’s leadership has undertaken a three-year capital initiative that will bring new residences, a recreational facility, assisted living options, and a variety of other enhancements to the campus and for the programs. For more information on how to support the Wranglers, contact Dion McInnis, Development Director at either or 936-253-5757 x 1008.


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