How did a birdhouse become a bowling ball?

How did a birdhouse become a bowling ball? The answer is in this Wrangler’s Tale.

Eric has been a resident at Meadowbrook, the residential part of New Danville, for many years. He’s quite busy, watching over the chickens and goats, assembling pallets, working in the woodshop, and participating in outings, like bowling. And that is how a birdhouse becomes a bowling ball.

In the woodshop, Eric created a birdhouse that he entered into the art and craft competition at the Montgomery County Rodeo and Fair. He won an award for his entry, and with the award came a cash prize.  On one of the regular bowling excursions that our Wranglers participate in, he set his eye on a new bowling ball. He proudly proclaims, “The award money is how I bought the ball.”
As he continues to get accustomed to his new, flashy bowling ball, his scores are creeping higher and higher, which he enjoys sharing the latest of in between his many chores and activities.

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