From farm to table…well, almost

From farm to table…well, almost. New Danville Wranglers have been busy growing various vegetables in the recently re-started aquaponics program. The “Freeze of 2021” took a toll on the fish used in the program (luckily the plants were fine!), even though they were in our heated greenhouse. Our operation is back in business, and one of the first products to make it to market is basil that is grown here. We sell the basil at our re-sale store, Jazzy Junque that is located in the south end of Outlets at Conroe. Store staff members tell us that the basil sells fast!  We look forward to making more of our herbs and vegetables available as the program expands.

“Farm to table” usually refers to fruit and vegetables that are sold directly by the producer to the purchaser. With the rise of farmer’s markets and co-ops, the opportunities for consumers to buy fresh produce directly from the farmers are increasing.

Thanks to the volunteer efforts of many, spearheaded by Mike Bodmand, and the Montgomery County Master Gardeners (MCMG), New Danville was able to begin growing vegetables in an aquaponics set up in our greenhouse. MCMG’s aquaponics group was interested in expanding their skills, and setting up a near-commercial scale system in New Danville’s greenhouse provided a perfect opportunity.

We hope to be able to scale up enough with aquaponics and outdoor gardens sufficiently enough to attend nearby farmers’ markets in the future. 

A special thanks to the MCMG Aquaponics Group construction crew for their time and talents: Mike Cooley, Fred Nash, Jason Hayes, Theresa Gunlock, Steven Lumbley, Ginny Bodman and Mike Bodman.


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