Computer classes are very popular at New Danville


Computer classes are very popular at New Danville, providing our Wranglers with basic computer skills, new ways to communicate and share guidance on social interactions, and much more. We love it when we hear, “Now my family will let me use the computer at home,” or, from someone who disliked math class, “Can we have more worksheets today?”

We’re going to have some more great news regarding the use of computers and iPads thanks to a recent contribution in an upcoming newsletter.

One of our Wranglers, Colt, said he likes best about the class is that he is learning how to type faster and now he has his own computer at home.
According to Direct Service Professional (DSP), Melissa Varney, she uses computers to pull up visual aids and lessons for almost all the classes she teaches, not just the basic computer skills class. “I have Wranglers who were unable to write their numbers but have now learned addition and subtraction…because I had a computer to help guide them. Before math class I was told ‘it is too hard I can’t do that… I don’t want to be in this class.’ Now when they come in they ask me ‘how many worksheets am I going to let them do.’ It is amazing.”

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