New Danville provides a variety of housing at affordable rental rates.  Our neighborhoods consist of a mixture of 4-bedroom homes and 1 and 2-bedroom duplexes.  Housing is developed through government grants and private donations. Monthly rent includes all utilities, satellite television, maintenance, and a night watchman. Residential support services can be contracted through a third-party provider.

Monthly Rental

Each month-to-month rental agreement includes:
Garbage pick-up
Satellite television,
Night watchman

Telephone and Internet services are available for additional fees.

Residential Support Service

 Residential assistance can be provided by HCS and CLASS providers.
Non-HCS residents can contract with an independent third party provider if needed, at an hourly rate.


Residential support services could include:
Basic Life-Skills Training
Such as laundry, housekeeping and cooking.
Money Management
Includes budgeting for groceries, leisure activities, residential support staff, rent, and personal necessities.
To employment, shopping health care and leisure activities.

For more information about our residence program click here to download our Residential brochure.