Day Habilitation

Day Habilitation is offered Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Daily fees are assessed based upon the level of need. The following activities give participants the opportunity to develop practical and social skills that help them live enriched and purposeful lives.

Wrangler Day Habilitation Services


AG Life (Animal Therapy)
Participants work as a team to maintain the health and welfare of New Danville’s animals.  Daily instruction includes the feeding of the chickens, pygmy goats, miniature horses, donkeys, and dogs.  Visits to the local feed store are included in this popular activity.

American Sign Language
Participants learn signing techniques to enable them to communicate and have non-verbal conversations with others.  It is especially beneficial for those who have a speech impairment or difficulty communicating verbally with others.

The Beat Goes On!         
This fun and exhilarating activity will have them singing, dancing, and/or keeping time and rhythm with the bodies, hands and feet. All instructional staff and clients are encouraged to participate in this daily physical and lively activity.

Culinary Art
($5 additional fee for meal ingredients; no need to bring lunch when participating in this daily option)
Participants will learn to plan and make healthy meals. Included with instruction is shopping for ingredients, comparing brands, costs, and nutritional facts, developing safe cooking skills while preparing their meal.  Participants will enjoy having their culinary creation for lunch.

Community Discovery
Participants will go to interesting places in the area, ranging from Huntsville, to New Waverly, Willis, Conroe, The Woodlands, and Montgomery. All sorts of places will be explored; Fire stations, Libraries, Antique/Resale shops, Historical sites, parks and landmarks.

Edible Garden
Participants will learn about flowers, plants and vegetable growing.  Participants will prepare the soil, grow, weed, water and harvest their crops as a team.

Facilities Support
Participants will learn to identify things that need to be done around the campus.  Working as a team they will learn basic landscaping skills and organizing and storage.  Participants become an important part in helping with the everyday needs of the facility.

Golf Cart Driving
Participants will receive hands-on instruction to learn how to drive a golf cart safely by following standardized driving rules. Participants who successfully complete the driving instruction will earn a New Danville Driving License.

Hand Bell Choir
Participants learn to play popular songs using hand bells.  Staff directed class helps to build team work and comradery in learning to come together as “one instrument”. 

Life Skills
Participants will receive classroom instruction, discussions and activities to acquire and improve life readiness skills including self-reliance, personal hygiene, managing everyday life situations, emergency preparedness, and awareness and understanding of appropriate behavior in a variety of environments.

Sewing and Crocheting 
Participants learn how to use sewing machines to create beautiful and useful items. Participant will also be exposed to crocheting, quilting, and other sewing arts.  Participants will be encouraged to develop their own projects based on their interests.

Studio Art          
Participants receive classroom instruction to discover their artistic abilities including creative expression, eye-hand coordination, and fine motor skills. An emphasis is placed on listening and following directions.  Many of the art projects are placed in competitive exhibits at the annual Montgomery County Fair for prizes, or may be displayed in the “Art for Life” wall.

Wood Working 
Participants receive classroom instruction to acquire and improve their wood working skills including creative expression, eye-hand coordination, and fine motor and dexterity skills. They will learn to trace, sand, glue, nail, paint or stain a variety of items for their personal use.

The Morning Mile
Participants will go on a one-mile walk around the campus.  A great way to start the day!

Sit & Get Fit
For those that are not able to go on a one-mile walk, this class will offer fun, low-impact stretching and calisthenics.

Happy Hour
End the day in a fun-filled social hour with staff and friends.  This fun filled hour will reinforce appropriate social skills with friends and staff.

Girl Talk (Women Only)
This class is for participants to discuss issues specific to women.  Topics may include fashion, hygiene, relationships, body acceptance, and promoting a positive self-image.

The Man Cave (Men Only)
This class is for participants to discuss issues specific to men.  Topics may include sports, hygiene, relationships, anger management, and promoting positive adult behaviors.

What’s Happening
This is a current events class to discuss the events going on in our world.  Topics may include sports, politics, weather and entertainment.

Nutrition & Health
Participants will learn the basics of healthy eating and lifestyle.  Topics may include healthy food choices, low impact exercises, hygiene, importance of regular physicals and dental care.

Fun-filled one minute games that are sure to excite!  Reinforces dexterity skills, gross motor skills, working as a group/team, and cooperation.

Instructor guided activity using GPS to “treasure hunt”.  Some light hiking may be involved.  Participants will learn team-work, mapping and orientation while having fun looking for items.

Cinema Appreciation
Participants will watch clips of movies and/or videos and discuss the behind the scenes activities involved in making movies.  Learn about movie magic!

Create Drama
A music and acting course that at the end of the quarter New Danville will host a performance for families.

A fun-filled class including karaoke, board games and much more.

Talk To Me
Participants will learn positive ways to use communication to focus on healthy relationships and respect of self and others.  Topics will address bullying, anger management, relationship issues, etc. 

Where’s Waldo
 A one-hour geography based course in which each participant will select the country of their choice and explore the difference in culture, language, foods and customs.

General Science
A basic science course where participants will have hands-on assistance with fun, safe experiments. Participants will learn how science plays a role in all aspects of our day.

Learning Spanish
A language course to teach the basics of conversational Spanish.  Participants will get to practice their skills When they go on field trips to Spanish restaurants and bakeries.

Exercise/Social Hour
 A winding down hour for our client’s to exercise, play games (air hockey/ping pong) and socialize with their peers. 

Music Appreciation
Participants will be exposed to the music of different cultures and styles. 

Glee Club
Participants will have the opportunity to hone their singing skills and learn a variety of songs while having fun.

Movies and Popcorn
A great way to get together with friends.  New movies coming your way!



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